Study Guide for HAL and other Public Sector Examinations

Book Summary of Study Guide to General Engineering for NHPC, IOL, DMRC, ONGC, SAIL, GAIL, UPCL and other Public Sector Examinations

Table of Contents
1. Fluid Mechanics
2. Engineering Mechanics
3. Engineering Materials
4. Thermodynamics
5. Strength of Materials
6. Measurements
7. Electrons and Photons
8. Electromagnetic and Magnetic circuits
9. D.C. Machines
10. A.C. Basics
11. Transformers
12. Synchronous Motors
13. Induction  Motors
14. Computers Engineering

Details of Book: Study Guide to General Engineering for NHPC, IOL, DMRC, ONGC, SAIL, GAIL, UPCL and other Public Sector Examinations

Book: Study Guide to General Engineering for NHPC, IOL, DMRC, ONGC, SAIL, GAIL, UPCL and other Public Sector Examinations
Author: G K P






Binding: Paperback
Publishing Date: 2011
Publisher: G.K. Publishers
Edition: 1stEdition
Language: English

General English For HAL Exams Prep Course

Book Summary of General English For HAL, NTPC, BHEL, NHPC, DMRC, UPCL, MTNL, ONGC Exams Prep Course

Table of Contents
  • English Usage
  • Spotting Errors
  • Analogy
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Selecting Word
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Idioms
  • Comprehensive
  • One Word Substitution
  • Model Papers

Prepare for the HAL Management Trainee Recruitments

Know the general tips to prepare for the HAL management trainee
You will be lucky to enter into one of the India’s prestigious organizations Hindustan Aeronautics Limited is popularly known as HAL. The great organization is located in the Asis’s largest IT hub Bangalore city. HAL is way ahead in making its footprints than any other industries in this green city. As a prospective management trainee candidate in this giant organization, you can make your entry easy by following a few guidelines on knowing your role as a management trainee.

Importance of career with HAL
 Before preparing for any examinations or even interviews know few facts about the importance of your career. Getting an appropriate job is a key factor for you after your academic education. Your work is nothing but a coordination of resources in a specific order to serve a specific function. Know this fundamentals before you start your career. Learn a few things in the simplistic forms. Actions like thinking, speaking, coordinating forms the main ingredients of achieving success in your career. Learn to treat your work place as a place of your devotion. Treat your place of work should be all about your passion, expressions of expertise, process with results, judgment, prudence and so on.

Great tips to prepare for the HAL management trainee
As an individual take pride in facing your interview at the great HAL. You will soon be joining with the stalwarts in the Indian Aeronautical industry which is pioneer in art of mechanical engineering in the whole Asia for several decades. Punctuality is the key in developing one’s personality. Be reminded of this virtue and be on time to face your interview for the position of management Trainee. Acquire some facts about the background of the HAL Company by looking the company’s website. This will surely give confidence to you when you face a question like ‘Why you prefer a job in HAL?’  Be energetic to have a good start in your interview.

As a prospective Management Trainee you will be tested with few behavioral questions on handling few hard situations. These questions are aimed to test your IQ levels and your ability in communication of verbal skills. Of course make it a point to dress well which will surely give confidence to you as well as the interviewers. Take care of your eye contact with the interviewers that will surely enhance your chances in getting more scores. Remember a fact that each in an interview can give you some idea about your personality and the area you need to improve in the future whether you are selected or not. Spend useful time with friends from HAL to get more tips to prepare for the HAL management trainee post at different locations of the company in India.

As a prospective management trainee you will be expected to perform in more than one area of your interest. Hence focus your interest on diverse areas to have an overall knowledge in the areas like production, finance, HR, Industrial safety and employee welfare. More than anything else concentrates in developing the soft skills that are very much essential for your career as well as in personal life.Enjoy your interview at HAL which will surely make you a smooth entry into the giant aeronautical national company.

HAL MT Question Patern

1. Magnetic tapes are suitable to applications:
(a) When only a few records are to be accessed
(b) When most of the records are to be accessed
(c) Only when all the records are to be processed
(d) None of the above

2. A system in which 2 or more cpu’s are interconnnected and share a common Main memory is called:
(a) Pipeline machine
(b) Multifunctional system
(c) Multiprocess
(d) None of these

Q1.Functional Dependency is:-
a)a type of constraint
b)data constraint
c)varies with time
d)none of these
Q2.which of the following is an atomic transaction:?
a)a transaction in which all the instructions are either committed or aborted
b)a transaction which consists of only one instruction
c)a transaction in which all instructions are committed.
d)none of these
ans:- a
Q3.Find the sign-and-magnitude of 22.5625
ans:- 0,1110.1001(check)
Q4. which of the following is/are true about 1's and 2's complements:
i)In 1's complement form. 0 has two representations
ii)in 1's complement, the magnitude of lowest number is equal to the magnitude of highest number
iii)In 2's complement, 0 has two representations
a)i only b)i and ii
c)iii only d)all of these
cout<<"recovery stable"<
cout<<"recovery unstable"<
which of the values will print "recovery stable"?
b)base=3 height=2
c)base=5 height=3
d)base=4 height=7
Q6.which are the major components of a computer?
b)sound card,modem,printer
c)CPU,RAM,sound card
(I don't remember exactly,but the option was a) )
Q7. which of the addressing modes require largest memory access time?
c)base Index
d)PC relative
Q8.Network Protocol doesn't consists of which of the following:
a)character Length
b)baud length
d)none of these
Q9.A token while passing from one token ring network to another requires the services of:
a)a simple bridge
b)a transparent bridge
ans: b
Q10. some questions were from mathematics like matrix,vectors,differential equations
Q11. vande mataram was derived from the book :
a)an and math
c)life of pie
d)none of these
Q12.which desert-country pair is correctly matched?
Q13.who excavated mohenjo-daro :
and some more options were there
Q14.calorimeter measures:
a)quantity of heat generated
b)heat radiation
d)none of these
29. apttitude ques of pipes and cisterns, compound interest, time and distance, cubes, hcf and lcm, multiplication,  
34. there were 4 questions like if A*B represents Ais the son of B, C/D represents Cis the husband of D then how A and D are related.

HAL Electrical Previous Year Question Papers

Out of 160 questions there were 20 mathematical questions,10 vocabulary, 5 paragraph questions,10 fill in the blanks, 20 apttitude and rest was subject related.
1. partial differntiation of x^3*y^3/(x+y)^3
2. some points like (0,2,4), (2,5,-1) and (6,2,0) were given and were asked to find whether it is parabola, ecllipse, carboid or cycloid.
3. there were so mant conversion questions like binary to decimal, decimal to binary, decimal to oct, binary mulitiplicationsetc.
4. some laplace formulae related to sine and cosine terms.
5. fouries series of quarter symmetry
6. by appling rouths hurwits criterien we were suppose to find the nuber of roots the equation was something like 2s^4+s^3+4s^2+s i think so

HAL Management Trainee Exam Questions

HAL exam for the post of Management/Design Trainee on 26-11-2006 for electrical branch.
1) What is the distance between the EHV lines?
     a)8m     b)11m     c)4m    d)14m

 2) At present how many HVDC lines are there in india?
     a)none   b)one      c)two    d)more than two

 3) Where is the nuclear located in following places?
      ans: i dont remember the answers, but one of them is thalcher(orissa)

 4) What is the approximate peak overshoot for a unity feedback system with damping factor 0.6?
     a)10%   b)5%      c)15%    d)20%

 5) What is the distance between the EHV lines and earth?
     a)8m   b)11m       c)18m     d)15m